noetic light photography


To me, something noetic is that which is known for itself, of itself instantaneously, and is understood to be truth.

“Noesis” is knowledge that spills from the aether into the mind, and the mind recognizes it to be pure, and come from higher sources.  This is not so much about reason and logic (a definition that most would like to assign to the word), but more akin to the idea that the mind feels a noetic current, in the world, (akin in a way to feeling a sort of zeitgeist, if you will) and thus immediate understanding comes upon the beholder.

When this occurs, reason follows, like an epiphany.  Yet, not in an uncommon nor miraculous manner but entwined with the everyday and so a more constant knowing of the way the world is working around.

With photography, the intimate knowing of the subject, which is really simply the intimate knowing of the world, is the basis for the photographs herein.

-- Ava Dawn Heydt (2009)


on the noetic light...

Quan Yin - Ars Terra

Hand Signals - self portrait

Fozzie - Ars Terra

Hairy Vetch - Ars Terra